How do you work on a wedding day? We want to honor your wedding day, one of the most important days of your journey through life, by working unobtrusively and allowing those wonderful moments and genuine emotions to unfold naturally. However, we do break from the photojournalistic style to interact and direct at certain times, in order to get the most beautiful images from each environment and situation.

 What are your wedding packages and prices? Our wedding packages start at $2400. We have several packages. Shoot us an email and we'll be happy to send you details of all our packages.

How do we make the best images possible? 

We're delighted you asked. We feel strongly that your investment in us is a sign that you want, and expect, something unique, meaningful, and yes, cool. You should know that creating something outstanding is super (super) important to us. Making that happen requires both you and us to put in effort and personal investment. The best images are a result of a good collaboration. It's a team effort. You bring the love and emotion and style and happiness, and yourselves; and we'll bring our cameras, and eyeballs.

What should we wear for portraits / engagements?

Anything but matching white shirts and blue jeans. Seriously though, wear what you feel good in, and what you feel you look good in. If you need further help, we're more than happy to send you inspiration.

Where should we shoot?

What sort of feel do you want for your shoot? Naturey (not a word, we know) or more urban? It really depends what feels most like "you" -- a walk around your neighborhood, a few moments in your home, the options are pretty much endless.

Do you travel for weddings, engagement sessions or assignments?

We do, and we love it. Depending on the distance, we may require airfare, lodging and usually a rental car. Please inquire for a specific quote for your destination.

How many weddings do you photograph a year? In order to keep a high standard of quality and creativity we only book 20 wedding a year. We really care about you and your wedding day. We limit the number of bookings we take on each year, so that we can make each an important project. We provide you with more than just hundreds of gorgeous images; we help provide the experience of a fun and joyful wedding day. The dates get booked fast, so if you're interested in having us involved in your big day, send us a note. We would love to meet you, and hear all about your plans for one of the most special days of your life!

How do I go about booking you? We take on projects on a first-come, first-served basis. For weddings, a retainer fee of half of your wedding package and a signed contract are required to reserve your date.

How many photos will you deliver? Rather than aiming for a certain number, we focus on creating quality images that thoroughly tell the story in front of us. That said, for weddings, we generally deliver between approximately 500 - 700 images, and for portrait sessions approximately 50 - 70 images.